(14/10/2015) Robin Hood Day Official Game!

Hitpoint Games has been commisioned by Nottingham City Council and GameCity to produce a unique one of a kind social game for this year's Robin Hood Day! Help us out and together we'll fire an arrow around the WORLD.

(10/09/2015) Hashtag Dungeon 1.0 Release Date!

We're releasing the 1.0 version of Hashtag Dungeon during November! It'll be available on itch.io and The Official Website! More details can be found on Sean's personal blog!

(02/03/2015) Sean's On The Indie Haven Podcast!

Sean talks about Utopian, Hashtag Dungeon and LUST on the Indie Haven Podcast. Prepare yourself for an hour of insanity that only Sean could serve up! You can listen to it here:

(17/02/2015) Scratch Your Nose 2015!

Sean has been invited along to represent Hitpoint Games at the 'Scratch Your Nose' teaching event in Birmingham. He will be showing children how to make games in Scratch and provide them with more insight into what it's like to be a game developer! The event will also raise money for the Red Nose Day charity. You can find out more about Scratch Your Nose on their website!

(16/02/2015) London Anime & Gaming Con!

We had the pleasure of being invited down to London to show off our upcoming games Utopian, The Wiki Islands, Nectar Collector and of course our flagship title: Hashtag Dungeon.

We also had a brief but awesome interview with Shehzaan Abdulla about our games, you can read their report about our company on AUTOMATON.

(29/12/2014) Hashtag Dungeon Greenlit!

We are ridiculously pleased to announce that Hashtag Dungeon has been greenlit on Steam! We shall be working hard to get the game in a state ready to release on Steam in the early half of 2015! For now you can get your hands on Hashtag Dungeon via the excellent indie game marketplace called itch.io, buying it on there will get you a free key on Steam once it's out!

(09/12/2014) Sean's VideoBrains Talk!

Sean did a talk entitled "Using APIs For Completely Insane Reasons" and it's now on YouTube for your viewing pleasure!

(30/10/2014) Hitpoint Games @ GameCity!

Hashtag Dungeon was shown all week over on the second floor of the soon to be named 'National Video Game Arcade' - it recieved some really great feedback, being played by loads of other developers including the crazy William Pugh and the awesome Chris Avellone from Obsidian.

We were also lucky enough to get the chance to run part of the grand 'Live Text Adventures' night over in Nottingham's Public Library, Sean designed and developed a game where players had to solve riddles whilst avoiding ghosts in a creepy real-life enviroment! Kieran used iBeacons to develop a mobile app that would ping when the ghosts were nearby.


Hitpoint Games was founded on the 15th of May, 2014 in order for us to release our first title Hashtag Dungeon. Our goals are simple: make interesting games that do things in weird and wonderful ways, do research based around these weird and wonderful games and entertain people in the process!

Sean Oxspring is the managing director of Hitpoint Games and one of the founding members of the company. Aside from doing all the admin and finance stuff that a company needs to survive, he does pixel art, sound design, game design and programming on a variety of our titles.

Kieran Hicks is the creative director of Hitpoint Games and one of the founding members of the company. Kieran is the lead developer for Hashtag Dungeon. He is in charge of server management, back-end coding and games design on our projects.

We work with a great deal of awesome people who are developing games with us. We work closely with third and forth year students at the University Of Lincoln. Everyone we work with bring their own special flair to the company and this makes our games far richer.

Alex Saye is an extraordinarily skilled programmer and the lead designer/programmer on Utopian. He is essentially the super-intelligent 'Spock' of the team.

Amelia George is one of our very talented 2D/3D artists, she is currently working on creating assets for Nectar Collector.

Andrew Deathridge is the hivemind behind Nectar Collector. He is also a big fan of bee-related puns, much to Kieran's annoyance. He is also in charge of keeping contact with our friends at the Bee-Cause charity drive.

Kieran Wagg is a programmer/designer developing the experimental game called The Wiki Islands. His field of expertise is in creating procedurally generated stories using artificial intelligence.

Jordan Bird is creating a game based on procedurally generated birds from trending Twitter data. He is also working on coding our DOOM-Style First Person Shooter that sources all it's data from porn websites.

TK Kirby is developing a multiplayer rock-paper-scissors style game that allows people to challenge their friends anytime, anywhere. We will provide more information about this game in the future!

Sam Silvers is our exotic American artist! She is currently doing conceptual art for our DOOM-Style First Person Shooter!

Ashley Blake-Hood is currently working on "Yes Mlord?!", a medieval peasant simulator that uses real-time weather data to make life harder for the player!


Want to ask a question? Get more info on a project? Want to hire us? Send us an email!

You can also follow Sean and Kieran on Twitter: @OxyOxspring and @Kieran_Hicks